Over 90% of London's statues commemorate men
Leaving many incredible women uncelebrated and ignored
Like Mary Wollstonecraft
You got Mary on the Green in 2019
Thank you, our target of £143,300 has been reached!
We are proud to announce that you helped raise the balance and green light the world's first memorial sculpture to Mary Wollstonecraft.

Why should Mary Wollstonecraft have a statue?
Because our statues send a powerful message about what matters to us - and implicitly about what doesn't
And today Mary's campaign for equalty and human rights is just as relevant as it was in the eighteenth century
Why should Mary Wollstonecraft be celebrated?
Author of a Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1792) the first book in English arguing for the equality of woman and men
Early human rights advocate, educational pioneer, icon of social mobility, key Enlightenment philosopher, first female war correspondent and mother of Mary Shelley
(Film made by Kieron Townend and Bee Rowlatt, with many thanks to Mary Moss, In-spired Music and Sauce Music.)
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Every woman who wants to make an impact on the way this country is run — from the House of Commons to the pub quiz — has Mary Wollstonecraft to thank.
Mary Beard, Cambridge Professor of Classics
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Patrons and Supporters
We're proud to be supported by a large number of men and women who want to see a memorial dedicated to Mary Wollstonecraft. Come join them!
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