Commemorating a revolutionary woman...

Supporters of this campaign include Nobel Prize winning economist Amartya Sen, broadcaster Melvyn Bragg and classicist Mary Beard.

"Mary Wollstonecraft is probably the most underestimated British philosopher of the Enlightenment period.  In her two books on what we would now we call human rights, she established the necessity, respectively, of universal inclusion for a theory of substantive justice (including the rights of slaves, and not just of free men as in the American Declaration of Independence), and also the special necessity to pay attention to the recognition and realisation of the basic entitlements of women (not just men). 

I am, of course, biased in her direction, since my own work on justice, including my book The Idea of Justice, draws much on the understanding derived from Wollstonecraft’s reasoning.  It is clear to me that Mary Wollstonecraft helped powerfully to establish social recognitions of philosophical reach and rigour that were among the most powerful intellectual achievements of the European Enlightenment."

Amartya Sen

"Mary Wollstonecraft is long overdue public recognition. She has a good claim to be the first of the feminists, she was inspirational and led a bold and courageous life. A tragic early death and the hypocrisy of the Victorians has deprived her of due honour for far too long".

Lord Melvyn Bragg

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A Toast!

Mary on the Green campaigners raise a glass at our latest meeting, beneath a portrait of the great woman.

group pic    The Dissenting Academy, 92 Mildmay Park, London, N1 4PR, supports our campaign. Every Friday night there's a collecting box in aid of Mary on the Green. Come in and enjoy good beer, food and company.

The adventures of Roberta, the Wollstonecraft Blogger

Roberta attended the ‘Mary Wollstonecraft: Legacies’ in Gainsville, at the University of Florida, set up to celebrating the 220th anniversary of the publication of ‘Vindication’. American Wollstonecraft enthusiasts and academics were there. The Keynote speech was given by Wollstonecraft’s biographer, Janet Todd. Roberta addressed the conference and our project was greeted with much enthusiasm and general astonishment that there was no existing real memorial to Mary Wollstonecraft. Roberta's blog can be found at:

International Women's Day

Following on the success of last year's event, Hilary King organised another Alexander Technique Workshop in support of MOTG. Simon Cole organised a Feminist Walk celebrating local historical points of interest. Thanks to both of them.

"Girlie Show" fundraising night at the Snooty Fox pub brings in over £500

The Snooty Fox hosted a "Girlie Show" evening. Between the "Mary Bar", donations from punters and a cash contribution from the Snooty Fox, we raised £506 toward's Mary's statue. Thanks to the Redemption Brewing Co., the Windsor & Eton Brewery, St. Autells Brewery, Majestic wines, The Snooty Fox and everyone who attended for making it a very successful night.

Baronesses, Lords, and parliamentarians unite to call for a statue of Wollstonecraft in a letter to the Guardian.
Click here to read the letter